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Attention Online Marketers: Are You Sick of Being Just One Of The Masses Selling Other People's Products And Only Making A Few Bucks?

"Desperate Housewife Performs Emergency Surgery On HERSELF Without Anaesthetic!"

Do You Really Want To Make A Living Online, Or Are You Just Kidding Yourself? Say YES To Creating Your Own Product TODAY, And Tomorrow You Could Be On Your Way To Internet Riches!


From: Paula Brett

Dear Fellow Symptom Sufferer

Have you ever felt bombarded by a constant assault of eBooks you just have to read right now? Bulldozed by untold numbers of mysterious systems that claim to make you more money than Donald Trump?

Do you ever find yourself sprinting down endless alleyways to nowhere and never, ever getting anywhere productive?

How long do you think you can spend on any internet marketing forum before you crash into someone banging on about how much cash they’re making?

2 minutes? 3 minutes? Let’s be generous and make it 5!


"Let Me Tell You, This Lady Has Broken Down the Actual Process of Getting Up Off Your Aspirations and Going Through the Steps"

Paula cleverly requested a review of her eBook by quoting me in the text. Of course, I just had to see what she really wanted to do with what I had written.

Boy, was I pleased!

This is a complete treatment of the process of creating your own infoproducts -- reports, eBooks and serial content.

Let me tell you, this lady has broken down the actual process of getting up off your aspirations and going through the steps.

It's easy to follow, makes good sense and has detailed descriptions of each of the steps. Plus, you'll get to read some behind-the-scenes descriptions of how some of the most famous "Info-preneurs" got their start.

There are links to examples, resources and Web sites that will be helpful for the novice writer to use. I'm especially glad this work wasn't junked up with a bunch of gratuitous affiliate links. Every link has a benefit for the reader -- like mine, for instance! :)

While this work is mainly for beginners and intermediate marketers who really haven't made their own successful eBooks before, even seasoned pro's will find a nugget or three to either point out a neglected aspect of product creation or reveal a fact regarding some of the other seasoned pro's that contributed to the content.

I heartily recommend this for your Internet Marketing library!




OK, so it’s great that other people are doing well and making money – but don’t you find yourself asking “What am I doing wrong?”

Actually, I reckon that’s putting it mildly – I bet you’re yelling “Where’s MY portion of the pickings? SHOW ME THE MONEY?”

Of course you are. After all, why shouldn’t you be successful online – you work hard, you spend nearly everyday glued to your `puter, reading, answering emails, following all the latest, must-have money-making schemes that endlessly plop into your inbox………..

But it’s just not happening, is it?

You’re working your guts out and there’s hardly anything to show for it. You can see yourself flat-lining. The blood pressure is low, the pulse is slowing……..

No, I’m not a clairvoyant – I’m not reading your mind – I haven’t got a secret webcam spying on you…………

You see, I KNOW how you feel…………… because I was in exactly the same position as you may be in now, just a couple of years ago. I’ve lived it.

In fact, I actually got to the stage where I was beginning to think I was gonna be a legend in my own lunch hour. I was gonna be over before I’d even begun.

I mean, there really is only so much forum loitering you can do. Only so much observing of other people making money you can take. There are only so many `must-have’ products that are gonna `do it’ for you that you can swallow. Only so many products that other people created that you can list on eBay, or promote in your emails.

I was gutted…….. I felt as if I was working my backside off but I had very little to show for my efforts.

Until I discovered a secret...........

Well, it wasn’t exactly a secret, but it was something that had been staring me in the face all the time and something that I had been putting off doing

Procrastinating over………..


Making excuses about……………..

The true secret of making any decent money on line is………….


There, I’ve said the dirty words.

Did you jump?
Did you recoil?
Did you hisssssssssssss?
Did you fling your fingers up into the shape of a crucifix to ward off the terror?
Is your pulse racing?
Is your heart pounding ten to the dozen?
Are you experiencing a cold, clammy sweat?

I know, I know. It’s awful, isn’t it?

That’s EXACTLY how I felt. It’s probably a bit indelicate to say this, but I actually thought these feelings were clinical indications that I was entering an early menopause!


Wooooah - Calm down – you’re hyperventilating. Grab a paper bag, breath into it slowly and let’s begin with your medical history:

Tick those that apply.....

I can’t create my own product because…..

I can't write well enough

I can't think of anything to write about

I'm not confident enough to write my own eBook

My spelling and grammar is terrible

I can't think of any ideas that haven't all been done before

I don't have the time to write my own eBook

What if I write an info product and it doesn't sell?

Who would want to buy something that I have written?

I'm not an expert on anything

I’ve thought about doing my own product but it’s too much effort

I did try to write my own eBook once but it was a disaster, I only got a chapter or so down and I gave up 'cos it was a pile of poop

100 other fabulous, inventive excuses not to write your own eBook


If the symptoms above are pretty close to exposing your fears and lack of belief in your ability to create your own products, I can provide you with a cure.


"For Someone Who’s Never Written an Ebook or Wants
Their Next Ebook To Be More Successful,
Operation Ebook is a Lifesaver!"

Hey Paula

Great Job. You’ve managed to eliminate the last trace of any excuse for not writing an ebook.

For anyone who doubts their ability to write, or those who can write but are clueless about ebook creation, Operation Ebook is a must-have!

Even a seasoned writer could pick up some tips, I know I did.

It’s my belief that every person has a book within them. You’ve shown them how to find it, develop it, research it and write it.

You even take the fear out of the scary task of writing a sales letter for their finished ebook.

For someone who’s never written an ebook or wants their next ebook to be more successful, Operation Ebook is a lifesaver!

Honey Wesley


I want you to imagine what your internet marketing life would be like if you had your own info product under your belt.

Imagine what it would be like if you had two info products? Three? Four? Five…………..?

Imagine where your products would lead you…

You get to sit back while affiliates sell YOUR PRODUCT. While you're working on your next project you'll have dozens of people breaking their back to sell YOUR eBook.  Imagine how nice it will feel to have 100 people selling YOUR EBOOK, rather than you being the one putting in all the effort. 

You get to place links inside the book that will earn you money day after day. Of course, the money from selling the book is great, but it's the backend income where the REAL money is made. When it's YOUR PRODUCT you'll get paid while people click your affiliate links day after day.

You get to brand yourself as an expert in your niche and grab some instant credibility.  Branding is EVERYTHING online, and once you've released your own hot product people will see you as an expert. This will open up a ton of different opportunities for you and will help create even more profitable income streams.

You get to JV with other book sellers and cross promote each other's books. This is priceless, and from this tactic alone you could massively boost your income.

You get to create a HUGE list of targeted buyers who you can profit from again and again.  After you've sent a few offers to your list, the price of the book will seem like small change.  This is where the real money is made.

The list goes on………. Do you see the endless possibilities? And all because you have created


OK, I know, you’re still saying

“But I can’t………….”
“I don’t know how to………”

Let me tell you, if I can do it…………

ME, the biggest `sitter-on-the-fencer’ that ever there was.....
The Olympic Gold Medalist in putting things off....
The World Record holder in helping other people but not helping myself....
A shoddy housewife but a doting mother...
A forum lurker………….

.....then I guarantee YOU can do it too.

And the reason I know you can do it is that I’ve developed my very own tried and tested surgical procedure.

And now I want to perform this surgery on YOU too.

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to go into this surgery blind. I’m not asking you to present yourself at some back-street joint with filthy equipment and no anaesthetic.

Nope, you’re not going to be a guinea pig. My procedure is tried and tested and I’ll have you in recovery and coughing up your own info products in no time at all – guaranteed.

Yes, I’m offering you  – a miracle cure for your online finances.

"I, Paula `Florence Nightingale’ Brett, hereby give notice that I am going to give you a quick injection and provide you with the exact prescription you need to produce your very own info product."

Not afraid of needles, are you? ;)

I guarantee you that my remedy will be more than “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.”

Nope, I reckon you deserve a tad more than that. You deserve some one-on-one private treatment. You are definitely an excellent candidate for some Emergency Surgery

I’d like you to follow me into my office, and get yourself ready……………..
(And, no! I won’t be asking you to put on one of those horrendous hospital gowns with your butt sticking out of the back)


"It's Going To Be a Lifesaver For Some,
and a Cash-Machine For Many More!"

Paula, great book, I really enjoyed reading it. Very inspiring and offers such clear instructions that make it easy for anyone to do!

This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to write their own e-products. Paula takes you by the
hand and gives awesome instruction on everything from choosing a topic to building on the initial ideas, writing the sales page, and polishing the final product.

It's going to be a lifesaver for some, and a cash-machine for many more!

Writing has always come easily to me (rumor has it that I was born holding a quill pen!) but not everyone has the natural inclination. For some it's sheer torture just thinking about writing.

Paula helps you see that you don't have to be a natural-born writer in order to make a great living writing and selling e-products. You just have to follow a proven method and it all comes together easily.

Wendy Betterini


Allow Me To Introduce You To

Operation eBook

seel your own products

This is YOUR radical treatment regimen to a healthier outlook for your online success.

This is YOUR lifeline

Inside this 60+ page product creation bible, I have thrown open the glass fronted doors of my own personal medicine cabinet

Here's just a tiny sample of what you'll discover when you download today.

ideas for ebooks

How to unearth ideas for your eBook that you never thought you had in you, and then turn this into cash in the bank.  And the best part is you can do this over and over again. 

writers block

How to overcome the 'dreaded blank page' and instead become a free-flowing writing machine.  Forget sitting and staring at a blank screen. In this business fast action is rewarded and I'm going to show you how to start creating chapters at warp speed.

how to write a sales letter

How the pros write their sales letters, and how you can replicate their techniques and produce sales letters that are just as compelling.  I'll reveal the secrets tricks full-time marketers use when writing their sales letters and how you can use these to create your own sales page that sucks cash from thin air.

research a niche

The fastest and most effective way to research your eBook so that you’re instantly recognised as an expert at what you do.  Forget spending days searching the deepest corners of the web.  Let me teach you how I research my eBooks in no time at all, and you can copy my profitable techniques in minutes.


How the clever use of graphics can make your book appear much more valuable.  The savvy marketers use these tactics to add value to their products and earn thousands more each and every year.  Let me show you how you can copy their success and charge more for your eBook AND still sell more copies too!

online copy

The methods the `professionals’ use when they write hot selling eBook after hot selling eBook. Forget trying to write the way you did when you were at school.  Let me show you the best way to write online, and why everything you were taught in the past could actually lose you money.

John Thornhill, Kevin Riley, Lee McIntyre, Tony Shepherd Read exclusive pieces created especially for this eBook by top selling authors such as Kevin Riley, John Thornhill, Lee McIntyre, Dan Thompson and Tony Shepherd. These `former patients’ pull back the hospital curtains and reveal what really goes on when they create their own eBooks. This is never before seen content and will give you a valuable insight into how they produce killer eBooks, and how you can do the same.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

Listen, you don't need to be an expert to start writing killer eBooks today.  

I’d be delighted to welcome anyone to my Emergency Ward – from any walk of life, from any educational background.

Over the years I've learnt a lot about creating information products.  And the good news is that soon you're going to know EVERYTHING that I know.

It took me a lot of blood, sweat and tears trying to discover the fastest and most effective way to produce a profitable eBook.  

OK, I might not have taken the Hippocratic Oath to preserve life, but I’m pledging myself to helping YOU create your own product. And in my considered opinion the only the way to achieve a positive prognosis for your online success is for you to take advantage of all of my skills and experience and cut out the learning curve.

Why should you spend months learning how to create your own eBook when you can let me show you today?

We're going to do a kind of 'brain transplant' (not as scary as it sounds, I promise) and you're going to get right inside my head.

You're going to uncover all the amazing little product creation tricks and tips that mean that you get to earn money in your sleep night after night.  And you're going to learn now....


And Operation eBook is a complete manual for online profits

Take Another Look At What You’ll Receive

writing online

A pack of printable worksheets for each section so that you can follow each section, step-by-step


finding niche ideas

Detailed discussions that will speed up your recovery by showing you exactly how to get an idea for your eBook and develop it fully


internet marketing Advice from some of the hottest and most successful internet marketers around. They openly discuss their struggles and how they recovered from relapse

Plus, Detailed Instructions On

making money on line How to assess your market like a pro, quickly and efficiently - why waste time writing products that will make you little or no money?
niche marketing How to gather the red hot info for your sizzling niche, so you can deliver exactly what your customers are begging for, again and again
writing chapters How to organize your information, outline your chapters and focus your attention - no more half-baked ideas and semi-finished eBooks
ideas for writing How to stimulate super-effective, profit-pulling ideas - so many amazing ideas, in fact, that you won't be able to create them all quick enough
write good web copy How to write an eye-popping, `grab the credit card NOW' sales page, that'll have your bank account positively smoking

And just to drive home how serious this surgery is to your online health, take a sneaky look at the Table of Contents…..

operation ebook table of contents

Uh huh,  this is serious therapy


"Operation EBook Will Show Even the Most Inexperienced Newbie How To Create Their Very Own Info Product"

I have known Paula for about 2 years now and I have watched her rise upon the Internet Marketing ranks.

Paula knows how to make money online and knows the importance of creating your own info products.

Operation eBook will show even the most inexperienced newbie how to create their very own info product.

If you have not yet realized the power of creating your own info products, then you need this eBook.

John Thornhill


Operation eBook is going to cut through all the mystery and give you the tools to create your own digital information product today.  

Opportunities like this really don't come along everyday.  When you download and see the VALUE inside you'll understand why a package like this could easily sell for $67, $97 or more.

We're talking 60+ pages containing the most comprehensive information around PLUS a package of printable detailed worksheets so you can work through quickly and easily.

This is valuable stuff, and at $67 this eBook would be a steal.

Except, that doesn’t sit well with my bedside manner. I really don’t want to eat up all your hard-earned private health insurance.

That's the reason why I’m not asking you to pay $67 today. If you download NOW I’m not even going to ask you to pay $47!

No, I’m definitely not going to get the leeches out and bleed your dry.

Operation eBook is jam-packed full of value, but as a dedicated internet marketing health professional, I like to give something back.  

And that means that if you download NOW I'm going to be giving you your Extreme `Medical’ Makeover for one incredibly low investment.

If you download now I’m prepared to get my stethoscope out for a small one time payment of just $37!

Yes, I know that's a crazy price, but I don’t have to pay rent on a private Beverley Hills clinic and there’s definitely no expensive botox or silicone involved – honestly! So, I’m able to bend the rules with this one.

Right now you should be racing for the order button and booking your procedure. This is a lifesaving package and at this price……….. well, you couldn’t even get your toe nails clipped for this price.

So if you want to discover the fastest way to product creation profits you really need to download now!

information product

emergency surgery

Access is instant. Even if it's 3am
Your will be directed immediately to your download after payment
Product is PDF Format, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 8

And All The Risk Is On Me!

sell ebooks online 


"Now There is Simply No Excuse For Anyone
Not to Write Their Own Ebook"

Hi Paula,

Thank you for a wonderful ebook. It is a truly inspiring read - and I can honestly say that now there is simply no excuse for anyone not to write their own ebook - you've covered everything there is to know, and wrote it in a way that is not only informative but fun too!

What's more you've got some of the webs leading marketers to contribute their thoughts and insights. This sort of information is invaluable because there is no substitute to experience.

You are a lesson to anyone that it CAN be done, and for all that I congratulate you.

Claire Bolton


Oops! Almost forgot........


This is the bit where I’m supposed to say something like…….

“But I'm not done yet……. Oh no! Not by a long shot. I'm never done until I've given you enough value that you're screaming for me to stop! “

You know the schpiel……….

And then I list a load of bribes and bonuses to try and juice you up to grab my eBook.

Well, sorry, I’m not gonna do that. Do you want to know why?

Well, firstly, I refuse to trawl my hard disc for products, gathering dust, which you’ve probably already received, several times in different disguises, which may or may not relate to Operation eBook.

Nope, you need to keep your eye on the ball. So you won’t find any re-writeable, brandable, PLR-able, master- resell right-able fillers on this page.

If you really want to get going today and start creating your own eBook and making money, then the last thing you need are more distractions diverting your attention away from the job in hand.

That job is creating your own product, AND MAKING MONEY! That’s all you need to concentrate on.

Am I right? Or am I right? You’ve got to be cruel to be kind!

So, “Nurse” Brett is being very strict here. I apologise, but no bonuses with this eBook. Just a well structured, step-by-step program to get you earning a decent living on line.

Follow My Step By Step Plan And Start Creating Your Own Profitable eBook TODAY!


"I Wish I Had Written It Myself!"

I had an opportunity to read Paula's "Operation eBook," and I am very lucky that I had the chance to read such an exceptional product.

She writes in an easy, friendly manner that puts the reader at ease, which facilitates their ability to absorb the more than excellent material she presents.

While reading it, I learned a thing or two that I will put to use when I am writing my own ebooks.

I truly believe "Operation eBook" will become the standard that others will try to match. It might just be the best ebook I've ever read on the subject...or any subject, for that matter.

I wish I had written it myself!

Pat Graham
Ghostwriting...articles, ebooks, ecourses


Product creation really is the key to online wealth.  Allow me to give you a blow by blow account of how to create dozens of your own profitable eBooks starting today.

When you download Operation eBook NOW you could be well on your way towards your first profitable eBook in just a few hours!

Don't put it off.  Creating your own information product is the fastest way online to expanding your bank account and you can start right now.   This is your opportunity to finally take solid action and start making big money of your own.

Yes, "Nurse" Brett, I Want To Download Operation eBook and Finally Discover The Fastest Way To Product Creation Profits!

Yes, I understand that this is a VALUE packed eBook and that if I download NOW I can getting started on creating my own info-prodcut and ultimately making money, TODAY!

Yes, I know that I have nothing to lose with your 56 day money back guarantee. If I am not 100% delighted with Operation eBook all I need to do is let you know within 56 days and I will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Yes, Paula, I also know that creating my own information product is the fastest way to online profits and I'm ready to finally start earning big money online.

With that said, give me Operation eBook NOW before the price goes up!

how to write an ebook emergency surgery

Access is instant. Even if it's 3am
Your will be directed immediately to your download after payment
Product is PDF Format, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 8

HURRY and grab all of this valuable information now

Download risk-free now and start on the path toward
instant product creation profits!



"You've Done a Great Job and It's Going
to Sell Like Hot Cakes"

Hi Paula,

It's BRILLIANT! I love it. You've done a great job and it's going to sell like hot cakes.

I certainly could have used this 3 months ago when I set out on my own journey in writing.

The next book is going to be so much easier to write with both the experience I've gained and the advice you give in your book.

You've produced a book you can be truly proud of!


Colm Butterly


Here's to all the amazing new info products you're about to create using Operation eBook!

Very best wishes

Paula Brett

Operation eBook
Support - www.PaulaBrett.com

P.S Stop trying to make money selling other people’s products or any new scheme that catches on.  Creating your own eBooks really is where the big money is. Let me show you how you could grab a HUGE slice of the low-cholesterol, healthy cash-pie!

P.P.S  Download now with my 56-day money-back guarantee before it's too late and discover the secret of creating your very own information products. Have affiliates selling YOUR products while you sit back and count the sales! Let me crush your symptoms. Let me take you by the hand and show you how to go from a blank page to a completed product without having to monitor your blood pressure!


"A Must For Anyone Wanting to Write Their Own E-book

Wow! I wish I had this info before I wrote my first ebook.

I have just finished my first book and am now going back to do the things I missed.

Thanks Paula, this is brilliant. A must for anyone wanting to write their own e-book.

Glenda Lange


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